Kloosterboer on The Illusionists

Cover image: Roger Dean — Green Parrot Island (detail)

Kloosterboer on The Illusionists

Vince Natale — Falco Luciferus II & Dreameater
Left: Julie Bell — If Wishes Were Horses ~ Right: Boris Vallejo — Amaryllis Embrace
F. Scott Hess — The Dream of Art History
Richard MacDonald — Blind Faith, Half Life & Aurora
The attending Illusionists, from left to right: Guy Kinnear, Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Kenna Houtz, Pamela Wilson, Conor Walton, Michael Pearce (curator), Regina Jacobson, Roger Dean, and F. Scott Hess — Photo credit Lori A. Escalera.
Mark Gleason — Luna & Arguing Still
Guy Kinnear — Hanging, Torch & Maryfaith
Regina Jacobson — Cult of Beauty, Altar Piece, triptych
Conor Walton — Novus Ordo Seclorum
Pamela Wilson — Unquiet & Dazzling Dark
Sandra Yagi — Metamorphosis & The Release
Roger Dean — Birdsongs
Left: Kathiucia Dias — A Murder of Crows — Right: Kenna Houtz — Confinement

Artist painting contemporary realist still lifes. Author of Painting in Acrylics. Loves writing about art, artists & exhibitions. Visit www.art-lorena.com.

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